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Leaching Fluorine from Copper Concentrate

The process developed consists of leaching the high fluorine copper concentrates with H2SO4 or HCl under controlled conditions. The controlled leaching solubilizes all fluorite minerals accessible to solution. In addition, the transparent minerals have their structure altered by the acid, turning into amorphous compounds. Table 1 and 2 show a chemical and mineralogical analysis of an ore submitted to the fluorine removal process, before and after the leaching.

Leaching of fluorine bearing minerals from lead and zinc

The experimental data for leaching of fluorite from lead flotation concentrate at a constant temperature of 50 39C was modelled by first order kinetics using least squares fitting, F olids t Fflu.,it, e k F t Finsoluble 11 where, F,.Iids the residual fluorine remaining in solids at time t minutes , Ffluo,ite fluorine associated with fluorite in concentrate prior to leaching ppm , Finsoluble fluorine associated with unleachable fluorine bearing sili es, eg. talc ppm , kF first order

A novel method for desulfurization and purifi ion of

The original fluorite concentrate with the mass concentration of 40 was kept in a 500 ml flotation cell, stirred at rate of 1700 r/min and 25 C for 3 min, and filtered and washed with tap water. After drying, weighing, and analyzing the sample, the leaching rate was measured. Download : Download highres image 286KB

A novel method for desulfurization and purifi ion of

In the present study, a novel method based on the acid leaching and reverse flotation has been envisaged for the purifi ion and desulfurization of fluorite concentrates containing higher concentrations of sulfur and calcium. Leaching tests were performed by using hydrochloric acid, whereas the reverse flotation experiments were performed by using butyl xanthate as the collector and terpenic oil as the foaming agent. Leaching results showed that, calcite mineral dissolved and the fatty acid

Preconcentration of fluorite from a rare earth element

In the present study, a process was developed to produce a fluorite concentrate from a rare earth element REE bearing carbonatite. After an initial flotation step to remove gangue minerals from REEbearing minerals, magnetic separation was applied to the flotation concentrate to preconcentrate the fluorite into the nonmagnetic fraction, while REEbearing minerals were recovered in the magnetic fraction. The nonmagnetic fraction was then subjected to hydrochloric acid leaching to

Preconcentration of fluorite from a rare earth element

Fluorspar, also known as fluorite, is commonly used as a material to produce fluorinated chemicals e.g., hydrofluoric acid or as a flux to lower

Fluorite ore beneficiation process,ore grinding technology

Grinding particle size is too coarse, there is a con enation of quartz and fluorite in the product, which will cause the high silicon content of the coarse concentrate after flotation the grinding particle size is too fine, although the quartz and fluorite have been monomeric dissociated, but It will cause the fluorite in the grinding products to be oversmashed, greatly reducing the recovery rate of fluorite. In this regard, it is recommended to adopt a stage grindingstage flotation

Study on leaching rare earths from bastnaesite treated by

Extracting rare earths from bastnaesite concentrate treated by calcifi ion transition was studied through the single factor test and XRD patterns of bastnaesite after calcifi ion and slags after leaching in HCl solution. And the effects of the main calcified parameters such as temperature, liquid/solid and calcified time on transition performance of bastnaesite were investigated. It was found that under the optimal conditions of calcifi ion temperature of 250 C, liquid/solid of 20 mL

Guides For Highsulfide Gold Processing

The goldbearing mineral in the high sulfide ore is enriched into the concentrate by flotation, and then slaked lime and additives are added to the flotation concentrate, and the mixture is roasted after being thoroughly mixed. The roasting temperature is generally controlled at about 650 C. Sulfide is removed by roasting, so that the wrapped gold is exposed, and at the same time, a porous and highly permeable roasting sand that is favorable for leaching is obtained.

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