Coconut Shell A Substitute For Aggregates In Mix Proportioning Of Cement-GOLD MINING


Assessment of the suitability of coconut shell charcoal as

In the Research work the main objective is to compare the results obtained by using fillers like Stone dust Portland cement Fly ash with Coconut Shell charcoal The Properties that Coconut shell Charcoal possesses are resistance to crushing absorption surface moisture grading resistance to freezing light weight heating and synthetic resin glues which is most important for pavement of roads

coconut shell substitute as cement

coconut shell substitute as cement is manufactured from Shanghai Xuanshi It is the main mineral processing solutions XSM stone crushing machine projectcoconut shell substitute as cement ShangHai XSM coconut shell substitute as cement are a professional production of stone crushing machine Sales and Widely used in Europe South America Africa East Asia and Asia region


Results showed that fly ash blended SCLWC with coconu t shell as coarse aggregate performed satisfactorily in flowability viscosity and passing ability In particular mixtures wit h15 and 20 cement replacement with fly ash gave very good results Keyword coconut shell concrete fly ash selfcompacting mix design lightweight aggregate 1

Effect of Partial Replacement of Cement by Rice Husk Ash

pack in between the cement particles and provide a finer pore structure RHA has two roles in concrete manufacture as a substitute for Portland cement reducing the cost of concrete in the production of low cost building blocks and as an admixture in the production of high strength concrete Rice Husk Ash RHA coarse aggregate

Experimental Analysis of the Use of Coconut Shell as

Experimental Analysis of the Use of Coconut Shell as Coarse Aggregate B Damodhara Reddy1 S Aruna Jyothy2 the study on use of coconut shells as a substitute or replacement for coarse aggregates in concrete is Coconut shell aggregate concrete can offer 2 hours fire resistance and therefore it may be classified under type 3

Cocunut shell and Waste Glass based Concrete

strength to mortars and concretes Similarly Coconut shell being a hard and not easily degrade material if crushed to smaller size can be a potential material to partially substitute coarse aggregates in concrete The concrete with ground coconut shell was found to be durable in terms of its resistance in water acidic and alkaline surrounding 2


Effect of fibers in concrete If the fibers modulus of elasticity is higher than the matrix concrete or mortar binder they help to carry the load by increasing the tensile strength of the material Increasing the aspect ratio of the fiber usually segments the flexural strength and toughness of the matrix

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concrete incorporating coconut shell on VTM are presented in figure 1 Generally voids in total mix decrease gradually with the increasing of bitumen content For instance at 0 coconut shell mix the VTM value of 8 5 to 2 8 was achieved when the bitumen content was increased from 4 0 to 6 0

Conceptual framework figure 1 the conceptual

CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Figure 1 The Conceptual Framework of the Study INDEPENDENT VARIABLE DEPENDENT VARIABLE Figure 1 shows the conceptual framework of this study The normal concrete and concrete with crushed coconut shell serve as the independent One of the most promising agro wastes possible uses as substitute to the coarse aggregates in

What material can I use as a replacement of coarse

Dec 19 2018For eg cement can be replaced in certain percentage by mineral admixtures such as GGBS microsilica and rice husk Complete or Partial replacement in any one of the components of concrete depends on the design requirement and availability of the substitute at site Replacement of coarse aggregate is very hard to do

Young Coconut Husk Ash as Partial Cement Replacement in

Young Coconut Husk Ash as Partial Cement Replacement in Masonry Application to utilize these waste materials into ash to substitute cement for concrete production coconut husk ash and hard shell ash for cement replacement Coconut shells are also considered for its charcoal uses Currently there is no problem in


Jan 22 2016LIGHT WEIGHT AGGREGATE CONCRETE BY USING COCONUT SHELL The additional material can be replacing the aggregate cement or just as additive is natural material A large amount of agricultural waste was disposed in most of tropical countries especially in Asia in countries like Thailand Philippine Malaysia and India

An Experimental Study on Strength of Concrete by Partial

Mix Proportioning The mix design for traditional concrete was carried out as per IS 10262 2009 1 for an M 30 mix for a slump of 100mm The mix proportion for M 30 mix is tabulated in Table 2 The nomenclature used in the study is in Table 3 Table 2 Mix Proportions for M30 Concrete Materials Cement Water FA CA Weight kg/m3 437 78 197 783

how to compute bags of cement in the philippines

If you are looking for thumb rules than 1 cum of concrete requires around 10 bags of cement So calculate the volume of slab in cum and multiply it by 10 for the number of cement bags required Calculate Bags of Concrete Mix Round Square Footing

Use of Coconut Shell Ash as Aggregates

utilize these waste materials with concrete as a partial replacement for coarse aggregate and cement The coconut shell in the form of aggregate is a material which can be a substitute for coarse aggregate in concrete The use of coconut shell can also help in the prevention of environment and the economics related to the

Application of Coconut Shell as Coarse Aggregate in

b In the paper Coconut Shell as Coarse Aggregate by Gopal Charan Behera Ranjan Kumar Behera were investigated the comparative cost analysis and strength characteristics of concrete produced using crushed coconut shell as substitutes for conventional coarse aggregate The main objective is to encourage the use of these

replacement of aggrigates in concrete used by coconut

Apr 14 2013Mix design and mechanical properties of oil palm shell lightweight 18 Oct 2010 Key words Lightweight aggregate concrete agricultural solid waste mix design mechanical properties oil palm shell Concrete is a widely used construction material in civil engineering crushed granular coconut and palm kernel shells as replacement levels of the conventional coarse aggregate

Study on Flexural Behavior of Coconut Shell Concrete using

of the aggregate the adhesion of cement paste to the aggregate and the absorption are very important in the mix design Lightweight concrete mix design is usually established by trial mixes However the mix design developed for the LWC using oil palm shell as coarse aggregate was taken as reference


new material can be replacing the aggregate or cement or just as additive however many of these additional materials are used as aggregate for the production of lightweight concrete The main natural lightweight aggregates LWAs are diatomite pumice scoria volcanic cinders and tuff Neville and Brooks 2008 and the most

Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Coconut Shell

Gunasekaran K and Kumar P S lightweight concrete mix design using coconut shell aggregate Proceedings of the building materials structural designs and construction practices pp375382 O T Olateju 1992 The efficacy of lightweight aggregate from palm kernel shells Journal of Housing Science15 4 pp 263276


Mix proportioning Mix proportioning was based on the water cement ratio water/cement and the density of the concrete is 2400kg/m3 slump of concrete 0 5 for economical purpose 3The quantity of cement i e 350 kg/m used Quantity of water should be 175kg/m3 For fine and coarse aggregate absorption of water in additional 1 and 0 8

Validation of Using Mixed Iron and Plastic Wastes in

Metals and plastics waste materials create serious environmental problems mainly owing to the inconsistency of the wastes streams The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the possibility of using mixed iron filings and granulated plastic waste materials simultaneously to partially substitute the fine aggregate in concrete composites

Strength Properties of Concrete Using Crumb Rubber with

Basically it consists of aggregates which are bonded together by cement and water The major part of concrete besides the cement is the aggregate Aggregate include sand and crushed stone / Gravel Use of these conventional materials in concrete is likely to deplete the resources unless there is

Compressive strength of concrete with palm kernel shell as

Mar 14 2019Oyedepo et al evaluated the performance of both coconut and palm kernel shells ash CSA and PKSA as cement replacements in concrete adopting mix proportion of 1 2 4 and w/c of 0 63 Maximum compressive strengths of 15 4 N/mm 2 and 17 26 N/mm 2 was achieved at 20 cement replacement with PKSA and CSA while 10 cement substitution with CSA

Feasibility of Pulverized Oyster Shell as a Cementing Material

No concrete strength increase was found by adding sintered and pulverized oyster shells to concrete 9 As a result the use of pulverized oyster shells as concrete additive or cement replacement often needs to be combined with other bonding materials such as fly ash or slag 8

Use of Coconut Shell as an Aggregate in Concrete a Review

conventional concrete and concluded that coconut shell aggregate concrete has a low modulus of elasticity The flexural behaviour of reinforced coconut shell concrete beams is similar in comparison to other light weight concrete Minimum probability of bond failure occurs between steel bars and coconut shell aggregates

PDF Mechanical properties of concrete with coconut shell

Figure 1a and b show coconut shells as fine and coarse aggregates respectively The length of fine CSA was made between 1 18 mm to 4 75 mm On the other hand for coarse aggregate the coconut shells were hammered into small chips and sieved The coarse CSA pass through 12 5 mm and settled on 4 75 mm sieve

Use of Quarry Dust to Replace Sand in Concrete

as a good substitute for natural river sand giving higher strength at 50 replacement Index Terms Concrete quarry dust river sand compressive strength I INTRODUCTION oncrete is the most widely used composite material today The constituents of concrete are coarse aggregate fine aggregate binding material and water

Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology

aggregate by coconut shell Also an attempt has been made to examine the suitability of replacing the 20 of fly ash with cement and simultaneously by replacing 10 20 and 30 of coconut shell as coarse aggregate for concrete of grade M25 The proportion used in this study is 1 1 48 2 99 and water cement ratio is 0 44 Cubes Cylinders and Beams

A Study on the Utilization of Coconut Shell as Coarse

However concrete obtained from coconut shell aggregate exhibited a higher compressive strength than palm kernel shell concrete in the two mix proportions Abdulfatah and Saleh 2 conducted experiments to determine the suitability of coconut shell as full replacement for coarse aggregate in concrete works

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Coconut Shell A Substitute For Aggregates In Mix Proportioning Of Cement